AMs welcome NHS Wales Bursary Scheme extension

LABOUR Assembly Members Joyce Watson and Eluned Morgan have welcomed the Welsh Government’s decision to continue funding training for student nurses, midwives and other key health professionals.

The NHS Wales Bursary will provide financial support to people who study an eligible healthcare-related programme in Wales starting in the academic year 2020/2021.

While the bursary – for eligible student nurses, midwives and allied health professionals – was scrapped by the Tories in England in 2017, the full package will continue to be available in Wales for those who commit to working in the country for up to two years after qualifying.

The Mid and West Wales members said the announcement would enable both students and training providers to plan for the future.

Joyce Watson AM said:

“The difference between Labour in Wales and the Tories in England couldn’t be clearer – we value our healthcare workforce and are committed to supporting them through their studies, for everyone’s benefit.”

Eluned Morgan AM added:

“I am really pleased that our Labour Government is committed to ensuring supporting the next generation of nurses.  In England, records show that the number of people choosing to enter the profession continues to fall.  Wales is sending a clear message about how much we value our health care workforce, and sets out our commitment to the future of our NHS.”

Under the scheme, students who receive the bursary but fail to work for at least two years in Wales are required to pay back at least £25,500 in fees. Those who drop out of courses will also need to repay their bursary.